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In her apartment, Giganta was sitting on her oversized couch, eating out of a giant tub of ice cream. She was not in a good mood. She thought back to the first Vore Tournament. At that time, she thought victory would come easy because she was a powerful giantess. However, her luck changed when she lost that battle to Ahsoka, who later went on to become Queen of Vore after eating her. When she tried to take her revenge, Ahsoka and She-Hulk escaped her stomach easily, and she was defeated and eaten again. Another recent defeat was at the hands of a lesser giantess Ginormica in the second tournament, and this brought questions to her. She wondered if she wasn't so powerful anymore. She was set free from prison the same day she got in because Ahsoka didn't consider her very threatening to her, seeing as she could eat her anytime. As she ate that giant tub of ice cream, she felt pretty depressed, but suddenly, her mail alarm went off and she went to go see what was delivered. She put the ice cream down and shrunk to a human's size to open her mail box and inside she found a hat. She sighed, wondering what anyone would send her a hat for, she tossed it aside and then grew back, but suddenly, a burst of magic energy shot from the hat. Giganta was startled, and then she saw to her amazement, Batman's ex, Zatanna, a magician superhero.
Giganta: Zatanna? You can't fight me here, I haven't done anything...since I got out of prison...recently.
Zatanna: Relax Giganta. I'm not here to fight.
Giganta sighed in relief.
Giganta: Then why are you here?
Zatanna: I came to see you. I've been watching the tournaments, and I'm a huge fan of you.
Giganta: A huge fan? But you're a superhero? I'm a supervillain!
Zatanna: That doesn't matter. I came here because as your biggest fan, I believe you deserve better. So I came to ask you Giganta, will you eat me?
Giganta was shocked. A beautiful magician was asking her to eat her. It had to be a hero trick, but didn't seem like it. She was confused why a superhero would be a fan of her, let alone be such a big fan that she offered herself as prey. She never knew she had fans. She just assumed that because she terrorized people they wouldn't be her fans. She looked at Zatanna, and thought she did look delicious. She weighed her options for a moment. She seemed to want to be eaten, they were in her house so she wouldn't get in trouble for it.
Giganta: Alright, I will eat you. And since you're a big fan, I'll give you the whole treatment of being prey.
Zatanna's face lit up with joy and she stripped out of her clothes in a hurry.
Zatanna: Ready when you are.
Giganta smiled and licked her lips at the magician. She looked even more lovely without her clothes.
Giganta: Anyone tell you that you look great in nothing?
Zatanna: Yeah.
Giganta: Well it's true.
Giganta picked up Zatanna and looked her over, using her finger to trace along the naked body of the magician, and receiving a shudder from her. She smirked and chomped a little close to her, but not touching her. She giggled a little and grabbed her giant left tit, rolling it around. She licked her little snack and got a pleasant response as her big slimy tongue touched her and made Zatanna giggle. She licked at the little magician like a lollipop, getting so many giggles that turned to moans from her. She then put her in her cleavage halfway down, then lifted her tits up and sucked her head, getting so much flavor from the hottie. She was really enjoying her taste. She heard Zatanna's enjoyment of the eating too, and after her stomach growled at her, begging for the willing prey to enter it, she sucked her right into her mouth.
She tasted delicious, and Giganta let out happy moans as she tasted Zatanna on her large tongue, hearing the pleasurful moans of the magician. She felt a great joy go through her as she tasted Zatanna. A joy that she temporarily felt when she ate Ahsoka, before she escaped her stomach of course. She suddenly heard a loud moan, and tasted the flow of cum in her mouth. She was so caught up in the moment that she didn't realize that she caused Zatanna to orgasm, and as a result, she moaned out from the amazing flavor before she swallowed her whole. She felt the lump of the hero going down her throat and let out a nice small moan, pleased with her food, then felt a great splash as Zatanna fell into her belly.
Zatanna: It's awesome in here! Thanks for eating me Giganta!
Giganta blushed and rubbed her stomach.  This was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her, and she was happy to have a willing meal like Zatanna. She decided not to digest the magician, deciding since she was her biggest fan, she would need her for the tournament. She after all made Giganta confident in herself again. She would enter the Vore Tournament every year until she won, hoping to prove herself as a great predator someday.
A request from :iconfirefly212056: who wanted to see Giganta eat a special fan, who just turns out to be Zatanna.

Warning: Contains lesbian oral and Vore. If you're not into lesbians, this probably isn't for you.
Judgedredd35 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014
Love it!!!!
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