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Vore Tournament Chapter 1: Arrival

On a sunny day on Shili, Ahsoka rushed out to her ship and smiled at it. She was personally invited to a special event, receiving an invitation in her holo mail. It said to her that she was one of 32 lucky women chosen to take part in a special event, one with great prizes and a prestigious honor. She didn't exactly know what it meant, but she was glad to partake in anything. She decided she could use some fun after leaving the Jedi Order, and all the drama that lead to that. In fact, this was one of the things she was glad that she wasn't a Jedi for, because if she was a Jedi, she probably wouldn't be allowed to have such fun like this. She assumed it was some kind of beauty contest, or talent contest. Either way, she had great confidence that she'd win. She was Force sensitive after all. She got into her ship and started it up, taking a moment to look at the directions she needed to go to get to her destination. She typed in the coordinates on her ship's navacomputer, and the ship immediately took off and drifted to the hyperspace ring that was her's. The ship docked into the ring and made the jump to hyperspace. She relaxed in her ship for a while, thinking about the special thing she was going to. She wondered why the sender of the invitation wasn't specific on what she was entering. She soon came out of hyperspace and gasped when she saw she had reached a giant vortex. She quickly took out the invitation and looked at it for something about a vortex, hoping it wasn't dangerous. The note read: "When you come across a giant vortex at the coordinates I have supplied to you, do not panic. Fly through the vortex, it will send you to where you need to go."
Ahsoka just figured she'd have to trust the note, as she didn't know where else to look for the event, and this was the only thing in the sector. She calmly flew through the vortex, watching the giant colorful portal swirl in front of her as she approached it. When she passed through it she gazed out at the bright new area she entered and was amazed. The landscape was incredible, below her she saw nice grassy meadows, sandy beaches, and tremendous waterfalls. The life also amazed her, as she saw multiple animals, all of which looked like large and hungry predators.
As she looked for a place to land, she pulled out the note. The last line of the note said: "When you have reached the other side of the portal, you should be able to find your destination. A large white palace atop a mountain that looks like a breast.  That is where you go."
Ahsoka saw the booby mountain almost immediately after she finished reading. "Perverted beauty contest it is", she said to herself, flying towards the mountain and landing outside the palace that was described in the note.
She got out of her ship and saw that others have arrived, and that more were arriving. A number of unique ships were parked there as well, some of them looked like familiar models to her like an older looking starship, a large black starship with a lot of weapons, and an incoming Naboo yacht that looked strangely familiar to her. It was going slow so she assumed it was being flown by a droid. Other starships weren't even recognizable to her, as there were many that didn't have as advanced technology as the ones she recognized. Hell, one of them just looked like a giant metal sphere, which carried an unidentifiable blue woman in it that looked like no Pantoran Ahsoka had ever seen. Some of the women didn't even have ships. Some of them teleported, flew in by themselves, or had a different source of transportation. One woman even came in on the back of a green dragon. Another came from an unadvanced vehicle that transformed into some kind of giant droid. The strangest form of transportation she saw was a woman in gold armor that flew in while she was in a sitting down position, like if she was inside an invisible ship.
Finally the Naboo ship landed and out walked Ahsoka's old friend, Padme Amidala. Ahsoka got excited and rushed to hug her friend. "It's so good to see you Padme", she said, hugging her tight.
"It's good to see you too Ahsoka. I didn't know you were invited too", she replied, hugging Ahsoka in return.
Ahsoka walked with Padme, holding hands with her. "Same here, I'm guessing it's some kind of beauty contest. I can see why they didn't host it on Coruscant, I don't think a lot of these women are even from our galaxy", she said, examining some of the interesting women she saw.
"Well, may the best woman win Ahsoka", she said, smiling to her and giving her a light kiss on the cheek.
Ahsoka blushed and let out a little giggle, the she sensed something. Some of the women were angry at each other.
"Giganta, I should have known you'd follow me here! No doubt up to no good!", yelled the gold armored woman, and she took out her sword and shield preparing to fight a red-haired woman in a ripped dress.
"Oh Wonder Woman don't be shocked, I was just as surprised to find a puny amazon was chosen to compete with me", said the woman known as Giganta. Giganta grew to enormous size, her dress ripping off, and exposing her giant naked body to everyone there. "I will crush you this time!", she yelled, as she and Wonder Woman were about to fight, a giant roar broke out, and a giant silver dragon flew in, and engulfed Giganta in its mouth.
Ahsoka watched in amazement as the dragon tried to eat the giant woman, long shaven legs kicking wildly in an attempt to escape.
The dragon spat Giganta out onto the ground, and everyone surrounding was splashed with saliva. Some of the women screamed and tried to wipe the saliva off them, while others like Ahsoka did not mind it, and just sighed.
"Would anyone else like to start an unwanted fight here before the special event starts?", said the dragon in a strong female voice. Everyone was silent after the beautiful dragon almost ate the biggest woman around. "Good, now I want all of you in a straight line now, so I may tell you why you are here", she said, and immediately, everyone stood in a straight line that started with Ahsoka and ended with a blonde woman wearing an open-chested blue shirt with a 4 on it. Giganta shrunk to human form, still covered heavily in dragon saliva.

Once everyone was in line, the lady dragon sat up like a giant reptilian dog, showing off her breasts to everyone. "Welcome everyone, beautiful women from across the multiverse. I am Brightstar, queen of the dragons, and your host for this special event", said Brightstar, surveying her curious audience. They were giving her their full attention, just how she liked it. "You must all be wondering why you are here. I have summoned you for the greatest of honors. This tournament used to be done by dragons in our golden age, but now we have decided to pass the tradition to you. All of you. And because of this, the tournament is now safer, because when it was done by dragons, some of our own died in the event", she said. She could tell some of the women looked confused, some even worried. "There is no need to worry though, no deaths will come from this tournament. It is safer now than ever before. It is the Vore Tournament", she said, watching the women react to her words. "Yes ladies, you shall be put in a tournament, where you have to eat one another. Of course you all have experienced this before, whether you were the predator or prey, and that is why I selected you all for this. Because you will be the first of many that will be apart of this tournament. Thirty-two beautiful women selected to eat each other in the arena, alive and whole. I understand many of you are nervous, but unfortunately, once you have accepted the invitation, and have come to this domain, you may not return until the tournament is over. If any of you wish to not be a part of this, I will eat you myself, and you will remain in my belly until the tournament is over, and another will be chosen to take your place", she said, opening her maw to the women, showing them what awaited them if they refused. A mouth full of large sharp dragon teeth, with saliva dripping out, and a tongue eager to taste anyone who wished not to be apart of the tournament. Her throat showed them a little bit of what they were about to enter, and to her it didn't matter what happened, it would be fun either way.

Ahsoka looked to the hungry mouth of the dragon, then to Padme, who was further down the line. Padme looked nervous, and Ahsoka thought for a moment that she would go into Brightstar's mouth and be eaten, then replaced by someone more willing to be part of the competition. Ahsoka of course was not afraid. She used to be a Jedi after all, and had eaten a lot of people before. Togrutas were great predators of the galaxy, and could store many people in their stomachs. She was definitely in the tournament, and hoped Padme would be too.
After no one volunteered to be out early, Brightstar closed her mouth and looked at the women again. "Excellent, you are all courageous for accepting this challenge", she said with a lovely smile. "Before the tournament begins, you are to be divided into teams. The leaders of the teams were chosen randomly, and their notes should be marked by a stamp of a dragon's eye.
Ahsoka took out her note as did all of the other women. She examined her's and saw that she had the special leader's note. She walked forward and showed her note to Brightstar.
Brightstar smiled when she saw the note and gave Ahsoka a nice lick. "I trust you will lead your team well Ahsoka", she said, winking to her.
Ahsoka smiled and stood there, knowing who she wanted on her team. Padme. Then she saw Giganta walk forward and show her note to Brightstar. Ahsoka immediately feared sending Padme against her now. She'd get devoured quickly. She saw Brightstar give Giganta the lick of approval, and sighed, trying to relax.
Brightstar looked to the leaders and nodded to them both. "Ladies, go ahead and pick your teams. Choose one at a time, starting with Ahsoka."
Ahsoka sighed in relief, and quickly chose Padme, who immediately went to her side. Giganta chose next, then it went back and forth until everyone was on a team.
On Ahsoka's team there was herself, Padme, Wonder Woman, Carly Spencer, Juno Eclipse, Daphne Blake, Mystique, Demona, Starfire, Krystal, Katniss Everdine, Black Cat, The Invisible Woman, Lara Croft, May, and Samus Aran.
On Giganta's team, there was herself, the Enchantress, Bastilla Shan, Mai Valentine, Black Widow, Catwoman, Hermione Granger, Baroness, Eris, Arya, Kim Possible, Rapunzel, Emma Frost, Poison Ivy, Zelda, and Arwen.
"Alright, now that the teams have been chosen, you may go inside. Ahsoka's team will get the right wing, and Giganta's will get the left. Enjoy your stay here, the tournament officially begins tomorrow with a vote", she said, smiling to the women and taking off.
The contestants all went into the palace, Ahsoka stayed close to Padme, and escorted her personally.

Vore Tournament Chapter 1: Arrival by Ahsokafanboy

/ / / / ©2013-2016 Ahsokafanboy
Mature Content
The first chapter in my Vore Tournament where we meet the contestants, most notably Ahsoka. ;)
fmagirl17 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
that was pretty good.
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